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Rose Hall Farm Livery

• Yard set well off road

• Horse walker

• Two floodlit ménages, one wax surface with mirrors, one sand

• Jumping paddock

• Separate turnout for mares and geldings

• Tea room

• Qualified instructors for lessons

• Fantastic hacking

• Secure yard with electric gates

Livery Facilities

When we say full livery we mean it. We take total care of your horse, from mucking it out to getting it ready for a show or hunting.

Your horse is exercised whenever you are not riding. During the week this may consist of road exercise, walker, schooling, lunging, loose schooling OR turn out if the conditions are good. Exercise will be 45 minutes to 1 hour, lunging or loose schooling will be approximately 20 minutes.

At weekends if you are not riding your horse will be exercised on the walker. Rest days are given to horses at our discretion or on request. Extra exercise can be requested for competition horses. (For an extra charge).



• Muck out daily am and skip out pm

• Standard feed and ad lib haylage

• Exercise or turn out – varied throughout the week

• Tack cleaned when exercised

• Grooming and trimming including mane pulling

• Nursing care (products charged extra)

• Flax bedding (1.5 bales per week), extra at cost

• Cleaning/washing horse ready for show/hunting

• Plaiting and clipping are extra services


During the summer (June to Sept) full liveries can choose from a number of options:


Competition/Full livery: £155.00 pw. As detailed above.

Summer Livery: £125.00 pw. We look after your horse as on full livery, but it is turned out daily and not exercised.  All feed is supplied as on full livery, includes one bale of bedding per week.

DIY Livery: £54.00 pw. Your horse is turned out to grass but you have use of a stable. (Haylage is included but hard feed and bedding is not). You are responsible for all your horse's needs.

Full Livery £155.00 per week

DIY Livery £59.50 per week - includes bedding and haylage

Perfect if you have the time to look after your own horse. Everything is included in the price other than your hard feed - 1 bale of bedding per week, ad lib haylage and a field to turn out in.  Turn out is restricted to daytime only Oct – May, but can include overnight June – Sept. There is a separate tack room and feed room for our DIY liveries.

All facilities are available to DIY clients but the horse walker incurs an extra charge. There are no restrictions on times to enter/leave the yard but please keep the drive gate closed between 5pm and 8am.




• Hunter Clip - Including head £50.00 (£45 half head)

• AM Muck out & haylage/feed £7.00

• PM skip out & haylage/feed £4.00

• 1 full day livery (Inc. exercise or turn out, no grooming) £15.00

• Feed/haylage (Your feed over stable door) £1.00

• Turn out or catch in £3.00 includes pick out feet

• Walker £5.00

• Change rugs & wash legs(winter) £1.00

• Trailer/box parking £5.00 per week

• Attend vet/hold horse £5.00 per ½ hour or part of

• Extra bedding dependant on current prices

• Road Exercise £10.00

• Schooling – flat £20.00

• Schooling – jumping £25.00

• Plaiting (mane pulling extra) £5.00

• Worming dependant on wormer used


Part Livery

If you don't want full livery but cannot manage DIY by yourself, we can put together a package tailored around DIY livery with the extra services you require. It is priced according to how much assistance you require - please phone for details on our part livery options.

We will contact you and a vet if necessary if your horse is unwell or injured. We can provide extras such as nursing care, bandaging etc. full liveries will only be charged for materials.

Our farrier visits the yard each week. All liveries may use our farrier if they wish. The farriers charge will be added to your monthly invoice, there will be no extra handling charge for DIY’s if the horse is left in the stable on the shoeing day.


New horses will be wormed on arrival and kept isolated for approx. 2 weeks. All horses must follow our worming programme.


All bills will be charged on a calendar month basis, with a £100 deposit on the first invoice refundable should you leave.

Horse Welfare

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Fantastic hacking Jumping paddock Muck out Training to obey Qualified instructors for lessons 
Fantastic hacking 
Secure yard with electric gates